Arno River, Florence


The course DEMOCRACY & AESTHETICS focuses on European periods that distinctly resonate with our own American culture.  This summer, we'll focus on ancient Greece and the Hellenic period's rhetoric, philosophy and idealism.  Students will examine how and why the art and artifacts—the material culture—of those periods came into existence and what they meant to the people who produced them.  Not only will this trip engage students with concepts of democracy and aesthetics, it will also be a formative, thrilling experience they can share with colleges in applications, let alone be a touchstone in their lives as citizens of the world.

 In the plaka, Athens heading to dinner



 Beach in Greece


This super-sized road trip can be taken as an elective Social Studies or Language Arts course for one semester of credit at Flex School HS.  (The 40-hour class is aligned to the Common Core Standards and the NJ CCCS, so students from other districts can seek approval from their individual high schools.)  We can make the course outline available as needed. 

After Final Payment, registered students will have password-access to trip specifics, reading materials and other travel resources.  Students taking the class for credit will attend three required pre-trip sessions and two post-trip sessions including a presentation of work.  Dates and details will be available once the trip is at capacity.

 Siena, italy

We Greeks believe that a man who takes no part in public affairs is not merely lazy, but good for nothing.
— Thucydides


All Inclusive Trip Cost   $  4475*

*based upon 10 students

15 Days/14 Nights   
Max Students:                              10
Min Number:                                 5
Chaperones:                                  2
Registration Fee:               $       200
Final payment:            March 1, 2019
Single Supplement:          $       910
Age: Rising HS Fr-SR+

January 15, 2019


Lodging (shared)
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack)
Entry fees, Admissions & Tours*
Transfers, Tips and Taxes
Classes and Supplies*
*as listed in itinerary


Flight to Denver/return from Rapid City
Single Supplement (lodging)
Travel Insurance
Personal Expenses & Snacks
Luggage Fees
To/From home to Newark Airport