Meet at Newark Airport for our group flight to Greece. (meals in flight)

Arrive Athens mid-morning.  Settle into our hotel and after finding a nearby ATM, explore the cobbled streets of the Plaka.   After dinner, we'll walk up to the top of the Acropolis and catch a view of modern Athens.  (L, D)

SUNDAY, JUNE 25 - Athens
Visit the National Archeological Museum where one can actually see the transition from pre-hellenic to hellenic aesthetics and culture.  After a siesta, we'll head out to the Agora and Agora Museum, then have dinner in 'Souvlaki Row.'   (B, L, D)

MONDAY, JUNE 26 - Delphi
We'll head out by private coach for a day trip to Delphi.  After exploring the legendary sanctuaries to Apollo and Athena, we'll visit the nearby Delphi Archeological Museum to see three key artifacts.  Lunch will be in a nearby mountain town on the way back to Athens.   That evening, we'll catch a movie at one of the great outdoor theaters in the Plaka. (B, L, D)

TUESDAY, JUNE 27 - Athens
We'll investigate the Acropolis Museum (one of the best museums in the world).  Based on student interests, we have several options for the afternoon.  In the evening, we'll attend a concert at the world's oldest existing music venue, the Odeon. (B, L, D)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28 - The Peloponnese
Via private coach, we'll take a long day trip through Corinth, Nafplio, Mycenea and the historical heart of medicine and theater, Epidaurus.  We'll have a late lunch on the water followed by a swim on a beautiful Greek beach. (B, L, D)

THURSDAY, JUNE 29 - Athens, Cape Sunio
Theater of Dionysus and the Acropolis including the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena.  In the late afternoon, we'll head down via private coach to Cape Sunio for a swim in the sea and watch a beautiful Mediterranean sunset from the Temple of Posiedon. (B, L, D)

FRIDAY, JUNE 30 - Athens
We'll hit the central food market, the Temple of Zeus and take a lap around the Olympic Stadium (originally built as a Panathenaic stadium in 330 BC).  After assembling on the Pnyx to be on the hill where it happened, we'll see "Socrates Now", an intimate one-man show with the philosopher himself. (B, L, D)

We'll check out of our hotel and take an early ferry to the island of Naxos.  After we check in to our accommodations (Hotel Coronis), we'll explore the small, charming town center then head up to another beautiful sunset at the Temple of Zeus overlooking the harbor. (B, L, D)

Sailing and Snorkeling!  We'll spend the day on a small sail boat and tour part of the island visiting local sea caves and have a delicious lunch at a small sea-side family-owned restaurant.  (B, L, D)

Today is our official chill-out day.  We'll have the option of hanging out on a beautiful beach or travel inland to the small village of Halki with ancient sites along the way.  For those just doing the Greece portion of the trip, we'll take the ferry in the evening back to Pyreaus (the port of Athens) in preparation for our flight the next morning. (B, L, D)

Travelers for the Greece portion will head to the Athens airport for their flight home.  Students continuing onto Italy will take the ferry back to Pyreaus, then transfer to the Athens airport and catch their flight to Rome. (B, L in flight, D)

To see the Itinerary for ITALY (July 4—July 23), continue HERE.

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